A Message from the creator of Speech Maker

Diane DiResta, President of DiResta Communications, Inc. and author of Knockout Presentations, Amazon.com #1 best seller on public speaking and business presentations.

Dear Business Professional:

Do you dread having to make a speech or give an important presentation? How many times have you spent hours trying to figure out how to write a speech that gets your point across and gets the results you want? Many times, you don’t even know how to begin. You get bogged down in details. Your ideas don’t flow smoothly. When you present, people’s eyes glaze over.

Right now, it’s likely that one of these situations applies to you:

  • You’re procrastinating writing a presentation because you don’t know how to organize your thoughts.
  • You rely on PowerPoint® to make attractive slides but struggle with how to outline a speech to get the results you want.
  • You wonder how other speakers deliver presentations that are focused, clear and engaging.
  • You have trouble getting to the point.
  • Your presentations are choppy, and you’re not sure how to make your ideas flow smoothly.
  • You have difficulty capturing and/or keeping your audience’s attention.
  • You dread speech writing, and you’re urgently searching for a speech writing program that really works.

Your next presentation is important! Your business and career success depend on the quality of your communication. If you take too long to get to the point, you’ll lose audience attention, the respect of your peers or team, and you won’t get what you want.

Many of my clients are just like you. As a speech coach and a professional speaker for over 15 years, I have worked with business leaders at all levels in many industries. Clients hire me to help them become better speakers and learn how to create dynamic speeches for all kinds of business situations — from meeting updates to sales presentations to media appearances.

In my seminars I discovered that when I asked my clients a few key questions and plugged in their answers, I could deliver their speech smoothly and confidently. I DIDN’T KNOW THEIR TOPIC – BUT I SOUNDED LIKE AN EXPERT. And I would do it on the spot!

Clients were amazed! How was I able to instantaneously deliver their presentation on any topic? I knew something they didn’t know: The secret is in the structure of a speech.

I used these insights to create the Listener-Centered Communication model. It’s powerful yet so simple. It’s a structured way to craft a business presentation that is clear, concise, and convincing. For years I’ve been teaching my clients how to use this powerful way of crafting a presentation that grabs attention, gets to the point, and gets results.

When your message stands out, you sound confident. And people do business with people they can believe in. Here’s one example:

“I used your techniques the following day to persuade our senior staff group to approve an employee recognition committee proposal…. and it worked! I now keep your outline at my fingertips.” A. Behringer, Director, HIP Health Plan of New Jersey

My company’s mission is to help business professionals and business owners create powerful presentations that get results. However, I realize many professionals and business owners don’t have access or resources to hire a speech coach or speech writer.

That’s why I created Speech Maker as an online tool specifically for business people who have a message and need a method to create effective speeches and presentations. SpeechMakersite.com is the one place you can come to craft a polished speech any time, on any topic, without the expense of hiring a coach or speech writer.

Speech Maker is not like other online speech generators. You won’t just fill in empty boxes. Just like a house must have a solid foundation, a presentation must have a solid structure. Speech Maker is a teaching tool combined with a structured template based on effective communication techniques.

Speech writing becomes easy with Speech Maker. When you craft your message using the tutorial and template the benefits will be tremendous:

  • You’ll eliminate choppiness by using transitions.
  • You’ll grab attention by creating a purposeful opening.
  • You’ll be clear because you’ll have a logical format.
  • You’ll stop procrastinating and start writing powerful presentations.
  • You’ll get to the point.
  • You’ll engage the audience by following the powerful listener-centered communication model.
  • You’ll lead the listeners to your intended outcome.
  • You’ll learn how to write a good speech every time you use Speech Maker.

Imagine what it’s like to be able to command attention at any meeting or presentation whether you’re informing or persuading. Feel the respect that comes with presenting information that’s focused, clear, and compelling. Hear the accolades when people recognize the quality of your ideas.

Success today depends on how well you present yourself, your message, and your value to the market place.

Now, you can save time and frustration and take the guesswork out of speechwriting.

Sign up today to start using Speech Maker, and make every speech a Knockout!


Diane DiResta

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